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About Jeanne

Jeanne Melchels (1974) is an independent illustrator, graphic designer and 2D motion designer from The Netherlands. She works from a shared studio space in an atmospheric 1940s high school building located in Arnhem.

Jeanne is educated in both design and marketing communications. Being accurate and curious by nature, Jeanne is specialized in distinctive visual communication such as clear illustrations for complex messages or subjects. Most of her (Dutch) commissioned work consist of communication design: illustrations or infographics for governmental organizations, corporate identities for businesses or book covers and educational illustrations for publishers. You can find her commissioned work at Jeanne design (site is in Dutch).

Nature's shapes and colors -such as hummingbirds with their dazzling colors and iridescent feathers- are an endless inspiration to Jeanne. In 2016 she started a personal project on Instagram in which she’s planning to illustrate 300 different hummingbird species in different styles, materials or techniques.

Why different styles, techniques and materials?

During their education, many illustrators and designers are told the importance of developing a distictive signature style. Although this might be important commercially... it is at least as equally important to experiment: try things you've never done before and simply have a lot of fun as an illustrator of designer.

And that's exactly what this Hummingbird Illustration Project is all about: having a lot of illustration fun!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you enjoy my work.
Please email me if you have questions or require an illustration.